I spoke to my friend Nick Santora for a few hours on the subject of athletic footwear last week and it’s now a 26-minute podcast. Because listening to your own voice is nightmarish and could lead to a vow of self-imposed silence, I’ll never listen to it, but you can hear it on the link above. Nick and his wife had an excellent NYC store a few years back, and their Vans collaboration remains one of my all-time favourites. He likes old sportswear advertisements even more than I do and did some great work for Fila,in addition to penning this piece on some significant vintage hoards and their owners for Sneaker News.



The current fetishisation of “roadman” aesthetics frequently seems to miss the strange nuances in functional bits like side bags and double tracksuit bottoms and the solemn-faced eccentricity in a UK goon dress code. Broad strokes end up labelling every part of a working class youth’s wardrobe or modern black British style with a roadman tag, and it’s wide off the mark. It’s about far more than kids with posh names banging on about bunnin.’ Continue reading REEBOKS & HAIR GEL



If Phil Knight’s Shoe Dog has set you on a quest for extra knowledge of Nike’s early days, there’s some gold on YouTube. Nike employee #3 and University of Oregon runner Geoff Hollister was integral to pushing the company forward in its early days and made some significant moves in the 1980s too with his promo know-how and creativity (the short-lived but excellent Aqua Gear line was his brainchild) before bolstering the brand’s grassroots running projects the following decade and penning a post retirement memoir called Out of Nowhere that’s an essential supplement to Knight’s book. Continue reading GEOFF



Most things that are given a punk prefix are pretty terrible. Right now — in an era of carefully curated nihilism — brands and contemporary culture seem to be trying to poorly resurrecting a packaged version of the spirit that inspired Malcolm McLaren all those years ago. They want to be GG Allin but most seem to be coming off more like the moody kid from the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie wearing his Sid Vicious tee in the bad guys’ warehouse with the ramp and video games. Continue reading NOSTALGIA FOR ANTI-NOSTALGIA



Interesting magazines deserve to be celebrated in a world where a lot of indie publications seem to lack identity (please — no more flavour-of-the-month identikit “culture” compendiums) and drown out the good stuff. I’m fully backing anyone with enough spirit to launch something, but a lot of covers and single-word titles all blend into one. Speaking of things we don’t need to see again, there doesn’t need to be another paean to LAW magazine here, but issue #8 looks promising, with Y’OH Streetwear brought back from time-out to create that coat on the cover. Continue reading PROPER PRINT PRESENTATION